New WhatsApp feature will now let you check your friend’s location

WhatsApp now allows their app users to share their current location in real-time with friends in their contact list. This is a similar popular feature from their parent company, Facebook. Users are able to set a timer for how long they want to share their location, enabling their chosen contact to see where they are in real-time.

A safety and security feature they say… but it’ll be interesting for us to know where friends are when they say they’re 5 minutes away…

Bite-sized horror films are what you should be watching this Halloween

This Halloween, Mars candy bars has teamed up with Fox to unveil a series of “bite-sized” horror films. Just the right duration to fit within commercial breaks, but also impactful enough to keep you on the edge.

Each of these short films are tied in with one of the many candy brands under Mars – Snickers, Skittles, M&Ms, Starburst etc. So far, from the four films we’ve seen we reckon that they are definitely worth missing out on the loo break.

We also love that product and brand placements are done tastefully amidst the suspense, without the usual jump scares and gory.

Take your pick and check them out here:

Skittles “Floor 9.5”

M&Ms “The Road”

Starburst “Replacement”

Snickers “Live Bait”