By Iggy Loh, Joanne Tay, Candice Novia.

Facebook changes its algorithm again.

In the latest update of Facebook world, the company is going back to it roots and bringing ‘social’ back to its platform. Heavy priority will be given to posts from your family and friends instead of the pushed content by brands, companies, publishers you follow. Facebook will be boosting meaningful interaction with great emphasis on comments, helping people to stay connected and bringing them closer together with those that matters. The algorithm will redirect its focus on the people, what they say and share. Likes are not everything, comments will be!

Twitter adds more Notification Prompts to Users

Twitter continues to try to grow its user base. In addition to Twitter’s improvements in user interface where it highlights tweets users are most likely to be interested in, as opposed to a real-time tweet listing. Further improvements have been emphasised in increased focus on the sent notifications, alerts and updates they push to users, in order to highlight relevant content and prompt further engagement.

Youtube is planning to add social features to Youtube TV and Youtube Music.

Youtube plans to add in-app messaging features and Community tabs to Youtube TV and Youtube Music. This update could help Youtube TV differentiate itself from other streaming devices like Hulu Live TV, Sling TV etc by allowing TV creators interact directly with fans.