By Vivian Tan, Jeremy Lim and Jeannette Tan

Instagram Stories adds new Emoji Slider Poll feature

If you haven’t noticed, Instagram has sneakily added a new sticker called an Emoji Slider – a fun new way to interact with your friends and followers.

This new feature will allows users to react to questions in a fun way that polls your viewers on a rating scale using any emoji. To use it, insert the Emoji Slider from the sticker tray after you take a photo or video. From there, select it, write out your questions, choose the emoji that you would like to use and await for your followers’ responses.

Instagram has increasingly been growing and pushing out exciting new features that may see users spending more time on Stories than on their feed – something that we might see brands leveraging on in the upcoming months.
Wake Up, Stranger

Stir, is a socially-engineered service to provide wake-up calls for its users with personalised messages by other users. You can sign up as a Sleeper, to receive wake-up messages, or as a Rouser, leave messages for Sleepers.

Stir pairs people based on psychometric analysis, which seems not too different from Cambridge Analytica, churning psychographics profiles with users’ publicly available data fed through IBM Watson’s Personality Insights API. To check out their service or wake up to the sound of a stranger’s voice, you can do so here.

Combining both social media data (Facebook or Twitter) with personalised services and messages sounds like a great idea… But, when put into the context that you will publicly be sharing your personal data in order to receive or show endearment for another, it poses a question for the digital natives to wonder how much sharing is too much sharing, or even necessary. 

Burger King gets creative with Instagram Stories

Customers like to be heard. Even better when they are given the choice to decide. Burger King Spain came up with the “Stories Ordering” campaign with one message to tell: Burger King wants to have it your way.

In nine Instagram stories, users were asked to decide on various ingredients they would like in their burger. After completing the polls, Burger King automatically generated a special coupon that was sent to them via a direct message. Customers could then redeem their customised Whoppers for free at their nearest Burger King.

With all of the data collected, Burger King came up with “The InstaWhopper” – a limited run burger that customers can purchase at Burger King outlets in Spain.

Driven organically, this social campaign resulted in more than 270,000 interactions, 30,000 customised Whoppers, and 10% increase in followers in under 24 hours.

Check out their campaign here.