By Fu YouQuan, Vivian Tan, and Jeremy Lim

Instagram is testing out title options for Instagram Live

Instagram has been on a roll lately with their feature updates. What’s next on their list is a new feature that allows users to add a title to their Instagram Live. Typically, Instagram Live is shown as the first image on users’ feed, with thumbnails being the focal point of the content.

With the latest update, users will notice a new title option that appears on their pre-launch screen, just before they go Live on Instagram. This will provide better context to viewers by showcasing relevant content that matters to them. Currently, this feature is still being tested, but it is highly likely that the added feature will help content creators to drive interest and more meaningful interaction with their viewers.

Twitter is testing out a new feature that lets you hide replies to your tweets

Twitter has confirmed that they are building a new feature that allows users to protect their conversation by hiding individual replies to tweets. This feature could help improve health conversations on the platform. More importantly, it is an attempt to fight against online harassment, abuse or trolls. While this option is still in development, Twitter is looking to roll it out for broader public testing within the next few months.

Facebook Debuts Showcase

Facebook Showcase is the social media giant’s latest efforts around premium video advertising. Advertisers can now buy ads for 2019-2020 broadcast year in advance, a common practice in broadcast and cable television networks. Showcase combines video advertising with the ability to run ads on specific content categories, such as sports, food etc, and to exclusively sponsor individual shows. Currently, Showcase is only available within the US, but pending success, it is likely that it will be rolled out in other markets.