By Ernie Sulastri, Tricia Lee and Vivian Tan

Note To Self: It’s Okay Not To Be Okay  

May is the month of Mental Health awareness. It’s the time to celebrate brands and creative artists that are helping with educating people on self-care and self-acceptance, as well as with sharing an understanding of mental health issues. There’s one great account that we would like to highlight: The Sad Ghost Club

The Sad Ghost Club wants to raise positive mental health awareness through comics and community. They use Instagram creatively, sharing endearing drawings that make people feel less alone. They want the general public to be more inclusive towards people who are also struggling. In this club, it’s okay to talk about your past struggles with eating disorders, depression or just feeling “meh”. They prove that mental health can be an everday conversation and it shouldn’t be all in a negative tone.

There’s even a site where you can buy stickers, temporary tattoos, postcards, tote bags, hats, patches, pins, pocket-mirrors, notebooks, and even a coloring book. So, for anyone who’s ever felt sad or lost, we officially welcome you to the club.

Up next on Twitter: Invite audio-only guests into your livestream

From Twitch to Instagram to Snapchat, social media companies are actively tapping into live streaming, answering to audiences’ inherent need to be plugged in to anything and everything.

Now, Twitter is working on a new option that enables you to go live’ with your friends. This, however, isn’t something completely new to Twitter, in fact, they have a dedicated application, Periscope where brands can live stream on the platform and provide their audience with a first-hand experience even though they are not physically there.

Following the same model on Periscope, this new feature enables users to invite up to three guests into the stream and be heard by everyone – this would be new on Twitter too.

There are many potential opportunities for brands and their ambassadors/ influencers to create content within such an interactive platform. Having said that, we will have to wait for it to fully launch before testing the effectiveness of live streaming on Twitter.

Image credit: @mattnavarra

Budweiser challenges traditional Korean attitudes on tattoo culture

Budweiser’s new campaign, “Be a King”, in South Korea aims to explore the contributions of tattoo artists in Korean culture and society, amidst the country’s conservative laws. In Korea, drawing tattoos without special permission from the government is considered illegal. For this reason, many tattoo artists are forced to go underground and those with tattoos tend to hide them.

Budweiser hopes to shift these mainstream attitudes by exploring the contribution these artists are making to Korean culture and identity. The brand intends to shine a spotlight on this topic using film, a photography and art exhibition, a limited-edition Budweiser can, and a series of video profiles featuring 12 profiles of young Koreans with tattoos to shine a spotlight on this topic.

Through this campaign, Budweiser hopes to encourage and support individuals who choose to adopt a bold attitude, and live on their own terms – just like a king would.

Image credit: Budweiser
Image credit: Budweiser