Written by Shane Carroll, Naini Gupta & Fu YouQuan

Pinterest turns pins into pop-up shops

With Pinterest Shop, the platform launched a brand new online marketplace for small businesses. Beginning with 17 specially curated brands, it contains hundreds of shoppable Product Pins – just in time for shopping season.

Building on the elements of discovery and inspiration that made Pinterest so well-loved, e-commerce feels like a natural progression. By focusing specifically on creative, crafty merchants with unique products and positive missions, they’re ensuring they continue to stand apart, while giving back at the same time. 

Share Stories with your Facebook Dates

Daters can re-share their Instagram or Facebook Stories on the dating platform, visible to their prospective and current matches. This new feature doesn’t allow users to capture content on Facebook Dating, but they can choose what stories content to share from within the dating platform and also cross-post from within Facebook or Instagram. 

While proving that their matches are real people, Stories on Facebook Dating also gives people more insight into their matches. It looks exactly like Stories on Instagram & Facebook, with a carousel of circular profile pictures at the top of Dating that can be tapped into for content. Prospective matches can send a ‘Like’ to someone while watching their Story, and the poster can choose to then match with them. If you’re already matched, you can react and reply to their story. 

Facebook’s AI chatbot helps employees answer difficult questions


Facebook’s public relations team has built an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to help employees deflect criticism from family members over the holidays. It’s called “Liam Bot”, and it offers help on answering tough questions about the company’s various controversies.

The answers on this tool are written by the company’s public relations team and are aligned with the executive team’s public statements on controversial topics like free speech, election meddling, moderation, etc. Liam Bot will respond with a few available prompts and also link out to helpful Facebook blog posts, FAQs and guides to all sorts of issues, general or technical.