Written by Tricia Lee, Yeo Yong Lun and Naini Gupta.

Monetization IGTV Content Just Around the Corner?

It was recently confirmed by Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, that they are considering IGTV monetization in the near future. This probably won’t come as a surprise to many since there are already monetization programs on other social platforms, and it would be about time that Instagram leveraged its platform’s popularity. 


There hasn’t been any news on the mechanics behind this, but based on the description within the screenshot, we currently do know that users can earn money by running short ads on their IGTV videos. 

To increase the popularity around IGTV content, there are speculations that the revenue split between creator and platform would be a 60/40, which is more attractive compared to what other social platforms are providing (ie. YouTube and Facebook currently have a 55/45 split).

If this new monetization option does take off it would be another consideration for Instagram advertisers to reach a wider audience with the growth of IGTV content. 

Facebook Launches ‘Hobbi’, a Pinterest-like App

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team launched a new app called ‘Hobbi’ – a Pinterest-like app to collect images of hobbies and interests, and sorting them into boards to track your progress.  


In a sense, it’s rather similar to Pinterest, focusing on DIY hobbies. At the same time, it’s also not like Pinterest. Hobbi is more about personal development. The app encourages you to track your progress in the hobbies you’ve selected to see how you’re developing. In essence, Hobbi encourages users active participation with the tracking element aside from showing off your personal interest. 

While you go off exploring and tracking your new-found hobbies, you can also check out three other apps from the NPE team:

Tinder Working On Share To Matches & Prompt Options

Tinder is testing new social features that are designed to boost conversations between matches on the app. 


Chatting with online strangers is a challenging aspect of online dating, and to help break the ice, these new features aim to encourage Tinder users to start conversing with their matches. Borrowing ideas from Hinge, Tinder hopes to get users to show off more of their personality through conversational prompts and captioned photos. 

An image of a conversational prompt being shown to a Tinder U user.

We don’t know when Tinder is going to roll these exciting new social features out more broadly to its users. However, the Spring break might be a good hint for tinder dudes and dudettes in the States.

Disclaimer: Feature image taken from techcrunch.