Written by Marie Ng, Lisa Ng and Clio Goh.

Tiktok releases The Year On Tiktok: Top 100


Tiktok has been one of the top social media platforms of the year, especially with the pandemic going on. In Tiktok’s The Year on Tiktok: Top 100, authentic content has fast become a popular way of communicating with users all over the world.

In their Top 100 list, Tiktok has broken it down into the following categories:

  1. Vibe Check: Top viral videos
  2. It’s The Meme For Me: Top trends, hashtags, and challenges
  3. Rising Stars: Top creators
  4. Voices of Change: Most impactful creators
  5. The A-List: Top celebs
  6. The Playlist: Top songs
  7. Such a Snack: Top food recipes, trends, and hacks 
  8. Glow Up: Top style and beauty trends
  9. Biggest Little Communities: Top niche communities
  10. Extremely TikTok: Top product elements 

With many staying home due to social distancing measures, there have been countless videos to keep users entertained – from dance videos, viral videos, meme videos, unexpected rising stars from creators, and has also become a platform for creators to voice out for positive change. Also, its easy-to-use features has allowed for a large range of content to be created, and is now a powerful platform for any marketer to leverage, such as hopping on beauty trends, food hacks, and has even become a platform for celebrities to reach out more easily to their fans. Product demonstrations are also easily created and shared. 

Even with its uncertain future earlier in the year with threats of it getting banned in the US, it seems that Tiktok is the global social media platform to watch in 2021.

TikTok Goes Renegade with Longer Videos

TikTok is reportedly rolling out the ability to record and upload videos of up to three minutes – tweets social media guru Matt Navarra.

This new feature will enable creators to share lengthier videos, a step up from the current limit of up to one minute, which the company has seen large success with thus far. Creators have attributed the beauty of the 60-sweet-seconds constraints as what makes Tiktok work (or tick!) In a world where content has found a neat balance between short and long-form content, TikTok tipped the scales to short content during its meteoric rise this year.

While the longer duration might allow creators more freedom and greater flexibility to generate content, as well as introduce a stream of new creators from platforms such as YouTube (think makeup tutorials or full-length song covers), some wonder if the new feature might not work for a platform that thrives on miniature content, from the likes of dance videos to witty jokes.

TikTok would definitely need to strike a balance between its current short-form user base as they open up the platform for long-form consumers. We’re just thinking, wouldn’t editing a 3-minute video on your phone be exhausting? Well, if you stayed this long, it means long-form content just might work on the platform. 😉

What do you think?

Complex creates a new virtual experience for its fashion and music festival


Since 2016, ComplexCon has been the go-to festival for streetwear aficionados to gather and shop for exclusive gear while enjoying awesome live music and high-end food trucks. This year, instead of an in-person event, Complex has created a shoppable virtual destination, ComplexLand, to celebrate pop culture.

ComplexLand is completely free and accessible through a web browser on both desktop and mobile. It’ll be filled with exclusive shopping, virtual food trucks, panels, performances, art, easter eggs and so on. Some activities players can look forward to include NPCs to talk to and points of interests to explore. There’ll also be a live chat where players can discuss different topics and events.

This unique experience also gamifies the universal part of streetwear culture – the limited drops. As players explore the virtual world, they’ll receive notifications on when a drop is about to occur and it’s up to them to scavenge for it.

ComplexLand represents the convergence of many trends, from virtual events to the fusion of fashion and gaming, and we are here for it! It’ll take place from 7 to 11 December and could eventually become a permanent virtual space.

Disclaimer: Featured image taken from medium.com.