We Are Social Asia’s Tuesday Tune Up

Kyle Loretan

Russia’s war on social media isn’t going well, either

Thanks to social media, much of the world is able to keep up with the devastating situation in Ukraine as it unfolds. And despite Russia’s efforts to control the narrative, the internet has banded together to provide support for accurate information and humanitarian aid. Major platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have taken action against misinformation and have proven invaluable in helping spread awareness of what’s actually happening in Ukraine.

TikTok looks to the year ahead with its What’s Next Report

TikTok has released it’s What’s Next Report 2022, using their learnings from the last year to predict how 2022 will play out. The report provides insights into culture drivers on the app and case studies to help identify ways for brands and individuals to unlock success through the platform. It includes a ton of data around community commerce, TikTok’s creators, brand safety, the significance of sounds, and more. You know we love a good trend report! 

Snapchat Creative Council kicks off ‘Hey, You Good?’ Campaign

“How we show up for others starts with how we show up for ourselves.” In case you’re unfamiliar, Snap Inc. and AdColor’s Snapchat Creative Council is a team of top Black creatives focusing on addressing challenging issues and driving awareness across the app’s community. Their latest ‘Hey, You Good?’ campaign educates Snapchatters through real conversations about mental health issues impacting Black communities and includes a microsite with resources for young people. Tap in!

Twitch aims to give creators predictability in their earnings from ads on its platform

Twitch is looking to provide ad payout transparency, with the goal of freeing creators from the hassle of managing ads and worrying about their earnings. The Ads Incentive Program was built on top of the Twitch Ads Manager to allow creators to focus on their community and put creating content first. As long as they stream the minimum number of hours required each month while running ads, creators can determine their preset payout. You know the old saying – if it don’t make streams it won’t make cents. 

Reddit’s new Discover tab pushes the app into the modern social media era

The troubles of finding a central place to discover content reflecting your interests on Reddit is now a thing of the past. The new Discover tab feature curates videos, images and GIFs in a grid similar to Instagram’s explore page, making it easier for Redditors to find great content and join more communities. And don’t worry, it will coexist with r/all. Happy exploring!

Instagram removes daily time limit options under 30 minutes

There is speculation around whether Instagram’s decision to change the daily time limit settings in the app is still putting the well-being of its users first, or an attempt at getting users to spend just a little more time on the app. The time limit app feature was introduced in 2018 in response to criticism tech companies were getting around the effect their products had on the well-being of users. However, you can now no longer select a limit less than 30 minutes. Will this be a dealbreaker for most Instagram users? Probably not.