We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #583


TikTok launches new advertising solution, TikTok Pulse
Getting your content seen on TikTok can often seem like a bit of a luck lottery, but the platform is now making it easier for advertisers to get their brand positioned front and centre on the platform. TikTok Pulse is a new contextual advertising solution that lets advertisers place their brand next to the top content in the For You Feed; videos in the top 4% of all content on the app. TikTok will offer 12 categories of Pulse to ensure advertisers are speaking to the right audiences. This new solution is bound to draw more advertisers to the platform who are eager to get their brand seen by the platform’s ever-expanding audience.

Meta will start paying creators for original content
Original content means cash. Meta has disclosed its plans to start paying creators who produce original content. This is the latest move from the company to try and convince users to create content that is original to its platforms, rather than reposted from competitor sites. Meta has introduced a new incentive called ‘Challenges’ that lets Facebook Reels creators earn up to $4,000 a month by reaching certain goals. Only select creators have been invited to participate in this challenge but the company has outlined its plans to introduce more incentive programmes for various levels of creators.

Snap unveils Snap x Cameo Advertiser Programme
Celebrity appearances are about to get a lot easier to secure thanks to Snapchat’s new partnership with Cameo. The Snap x Cameo Advertiser Programme allows the platform’s advertisers to partner with Cameo’s top talent, in order to create custom short-form video ads for the app. There are over 45,000 celebs, actors, athletes and influencers on Cameo, offering top creators the chance to rake in more cash by connecting them with new advertiser partnerships via Snapchat.

Twitter is testing a ‘Close Friends’ style feature, Twitter Circle
There are some tweets that are for certain eyes only. To prevent inevitable oversharing, Twitter is testing its own ‘Close Friends’ style feature, Twitter Circle. Users will be able to add up to 150 people to their Circle, meaning only those who are selected will be able to see the content you post. If you want to kick out a user from your Circle you can do so discreetly, as Twitter won’t send them a soul-crushing notification. The feature is currently in its early stages, meaning only some users will have access.

Pinterest launches livestreaming app for content creators
Pinterest quietly launched a new livestreaming app last week, aimed at making it easier for users to livestream to its platform. It was a rather discreet launch, as the company didn’t officially announce the app’s release, probably due to the fact that it’s not available to all creators at this time. The Pinterest TV Studio app will allow select creators to go live on Pinterest, as well as use multiple devices in order to achieve different camera angles.

Twitter rolls out new Spaces features
Analytics are heading to Spaces, Twitter’s audio offering. Hosts and co-hosts will now be able to see how many live listeners tuned in to their broadcast, how many times it was replayed and how many people spoke during the Space. Initially launched as a test in March, analytics are now available to all hosts and co-hosts on the platform. This will give users essential insights into what is working well and what may need more work when it comes to their Spaces content.

Instagram is testing a ‘Get Quote’ feature
There’s some big news for businesses on Instagram, with the platform testing a new ‘Get Quote’ button. The new button allows users to set up custom questions to ask customers prior to starting a conversation. Once the questionnaire is filled out, customers can quickly request a quote from a business about a product or service. This is the latest push from Instagram into the world of e-commerce, making it easier for people to engage with businesses and services on the app.

Ones to watch
Instagram is testing a full-screen home feed.