We Are Social Asia’s Tuesday Tune Up


Instagram to start testing a repost feature
Too good not to share. Instagram is due to start testing the ability to repost other users’ posts and reels. You can already reshare posts in Stories, but this will allow users to reshare content in Feed. This allows original creators to be credited for their work, preventing direct copies and duplicates. Rumour has it that the Repost tab will appear on users’ profiles alongside the posts, reels and tagged photos tabs. Watch this space.

Twitter expands its fact-checking programme, ‘Birdwatch’
Twitter’s invite-only fact-checking programme is expanding its number of contributors. 1,000 users will be added to Birdwatch, ahead of the U.S. midterm elections, working to combat any false facts floating around the channel. ‘Birdwatch’ is also welcoming a few changes. Previously, contributors could immediately add their fact-checks to provide additional context to tweets. Now, this ability will have to be earned by proving that they’re capable of identifying the helpful notes written by others. To determine this, Twitter will assign each potential contributor a ‘rating impact’ score.

Roblox to introduce age guidelines
Roblox outlined its vision for the future at RDC last week, its annual developer event. This includes the implementation of age guidelines, making it evident what is appropriate for all users (those nine years and up) or only those above the age of 13. Some new experiences, like interactive video billboard ads will be limited to the oldest age group. Proximity-based voice chat will also be closed off to kids below the age of 13. These changes will allow the platform to offer more sophisticated experiences to age groups beyond the 13-and-under audience.

TikTok celebrates Fashion Month with new digital effects
It’s #FashionMonth and TikTok is bringing out all the stops to mark the occasion. The platform is showcasing a range of fashion influencers and designers via the hashtag, whilst also hosting live sessions with the likes of Julia Fox and Paper Magazine. There will also be some shiny new creative effects from names like Fenty Beauty and Glamour UK. So if you consider yourself a bit of a fashionista, it’s high time you get yourself on TikTok.

The Feed turns one
12 months and over 190 Instagram posts later, The Feed is nearly one years old. We Are Social’s cultural insights publication brings you everything from memes and brand campaigns, to creator trends and platform updates. To mark this milestone, we’ve created The Feed in Five; our Instagram Live series dissecting some of the biggest cultural moments from the past 12 months, in just five short minutes. The series kicks off on Wednesday 14th September at 9am (BST) over on The Feed.