Written by We Are Social Singapore Senior Planner Melantha Tan

We’re constantly shuffling from one platform to another, screening one influencer to the next. Here’s a group of game-changers who are not only shaking things up in the virtual world of live gaming, but also permeating their presence into other aspects of streamers’ lives, bonding and building a sense of community beyond their initial point of passion. As it goes, their lives intertwine in-game and in-reality, with the titans possessing an astronomical effect and influence on their gaming counterparts. They are definitely here to stay.

Meet the gamefluencers

Taking the world by storm with million-dollar sponsorships from pioneering brands, commanding unrivalled follower engagement, and thriving in an industry bigger than sports and movies combined, these gamefluencers are magnets for a multiverse of success, on top of virtually being bedroom companions to their fan-friends. One report estimates the gaming market to be worth around US$198 billion. Evidently, this is more than just fun and games. We are at the dawn of a new cultural shift, and these are its new cultural icons.

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The rise of gamefluencers and what sets them apart

With the emergence of live streaming and live-chatting platforms like Twitch and Discord respectively, gamefluencers are engaging fans at unprecedented levels, with real-time, unfiltered conversations spanning hours of engagement, on topics that reflect real life. They are forming genuine friendships, and suddenly game rooms are no longer just a place to socialise. They become the reason to socialise, turning the virtual space into a springboard of positivity to connect with both their community and themselves, in real-time.

For both gamefluencers and their followers, gaming opens up worlds where they can be anyone or anything, bound by the unspoken core values of intimacy, joy, and inclusion, yet unbridled by the blurry lines of fan/follower and friend. Never before have brands been presented with opportunities to engage with such a diverse range of audiences, going down to personal interests and values, among both mainstream and alternative crowds. Never has there been a more prime time to capture this elusive fraction of consumers, where the real core of cultural power and influence lies.

New rules of play – Ways that brands can get involved

As with any new relationship, it takes two to tango. Brands who want to sow their seeds in this new fertile ground should first be able to appreciate how gamefluencers tick, enchanting them with authenticity, understanding their niche, and giving them the space for creative freedom and independence. After all, gamefluencers know their audience best. For brands, this is the chance to cultivate and champion an invigoratingly cool and standout personality. Level the playing field by channelling the gamefluencers’ powers of intimacy, joy and inclusion – the three core values that govern their enormous engagement potency. Just be prepared to step beyond the norms, the expected, the tried and true.

In short, to truly optimise their partnerships with gamefluencers, brands should see live streamed content as a free-for-all playground, where nothing is ever taken too seriously, and rules are meant to be broken, if not amended. A little trust in the gamefluencers’ knowledge of how to navigate their communities and understand their quirks, inside humour, and passion points, will strike a chord with your audience in more profound ways.

Gaming with We Are Social

At We Are Social, we believe gaming is the next cultural frontier for brands. No longer a subset of culture, it is culture, and the driving force behind trends in fashion, food, technology, and more. And it’s bringing with it enormous creative opportunities for brands across every industry.

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