How AI-powered brand agents are reshaping the customer experience

Luna, AI-powered brand agent

“Think of me as your go-to fashion friend who makes style personal, fun, and totally accessible. My mission? To ensure you step out feeling confident and looking fresh, every single day! I can’t wait to create some fantastic looks with you!”

Meet Luna, our AI-powered brand agent.

We recently debuted Luna to delegates at Campaign360 in a mock retail environment to huge fanfare. She played the part of a fashion stylist, helping visitors put together an outfit based on her conversation with them.

Born in Singapore, Luna comes to life through cutting-edge virtual production and AI technology crafted by our future strategy and innovation arm, .XYZ.

What prompted (pun intended) her creation?

In-store retail has long been static. Despite technology revolutionising nearly every other aspect of our lives, the physical store experience has barely changed.

Even with a resurgence in consumers craving social interactions that come with in-person shopping, the in-store experience remains impersonal – starkly contrasting the personalised journeys that online customers enjoy. This lack of differentiation poses two challenges: diminished brand loyalty and ineffective consumer engagement.

It is time for the retail industry to take the next step, where the latest technology will meet, and even exceed, these evolved expectations.

Luna at Campaign360

So, how can an AI agent like Luna help your brand?

AI agents are gaining momentum with developments in multi-modal AI, allowing for new possibilities for brands. These brand agents like Luna connect and initiate dialogues with customers in physical and online social spaces, helping to deepen customer engagement in meaningful ways. 

They aren’t your average conversational interface. Harnessing the power of AI, Luna embodies a brand’s personality and voice while keeping pace with customers’ needs and evolving trends.

We believe there are three key areas Luna can help brands – both in retail and in other industries – with.

1. Hyper-personalisation becomes truly personal in-store

By harnessing insights from your customer’s digital interactions, an AI-powered brand agent crafts experiences that deeply resonate. Utilising AI multimodal tech, it discerns patterns, preferences and behaviours to offer personalised recommendations. 

It then adapts these suggestions in real-time, considering factors like preset business requirements, new products, details such as location, time or weather – and even the customer’s current mood or intent. This personalised approach can help boost upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your brand.

2. Highly modular and omnipresent branding

AI agents do not need to be confined to physical retail spaces. They can become an integral part of your brand’s identity across various digital touchpoints. The interaction starts in-store and is seamlessly carried online and in social channels. 

The agent will continuously learn and adapt to your brand’s personality, values and business goals, ensuring a consistent and authentic customer experience across all channels.

3. Always-on & fully customisable to your brand

With AI at its core, a brand agent like Luna offers round-the-clock audience engagement across multiple channels, ensuring your brand is accessible to customers whenever and wherever they need assistance. Its presence extends beyond retail spaces to online platforms, providing seamless accessibility to customers whenever and wherever they choose.

Best of all, our AI-powered brand agent, Luna, is 100% customisable. From her appearance and name to her tone of voice and script, she can be tailored to enhance your brand’s customer engagement and more.

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