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We manage influencer marketing campaigns end-to-end, from mapping, to tracking, co-creation, partnership, media and measurement, to ensure this activity ladders up to our client’s objectives and helps achieve them.

From nano- and micro-influencers to macro-influencers or celebrities, we identify the best fit for your brand and budget, and work with them to deliver your message to the intended audience in a way that feels authentic and genuine, driving engagement, action and, ultimately, business results.

We work with our brands and influencers to establish the most ethical rules in the market. All of our influencer marketing campaigns are created with transparency to ensure we respect and adhere to industry guidelines.

Kobe (口碑)

In collaboration with our partner agency Kobe, we work with thousands of influencers across Southeast Asia.

Kobe (口碑) is an award-winning AI Influencer Marketing agency that connects brands with the best-suited celebrities, social media influencers and content creators, thanks to the power of AI.

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Distribution Strategy

Media & Distribution

We develop distribution strategies that help brands reach their audience and cut through the noise of their competition.

Media Planning

Media & Distribution

Our media planners leverage social insights to identify the best combination of channels and tactics to connect with your audience.

Effectiveness Measurement

Media & Distribution

Our measurement frameworks recommend metrics and measurement techniques to prove the effectiveness of social thinking in driving business results.

Social Commerce

Media & Distribution

We help deliver a social shopping experience that is fluid, entertaining and frictionless, generating a measurable business impact.

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