STRATEGYSocial Audits

We conduct in-depth channel audits, from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. We analyse both historical organic and paid performance to understand what matters to audiences, discovering content that works well, and what could be improved. We benchmark different platforms’ performance against others in the social landscape, identifying opportunities to refine and optimise your strategy.

Analysis of earned conversation and wider social listening allows us to deliver sentiment analysis and identify key insights to inform content strategy and campaign messaging.

Thanks to our network we also have access to global benchmarks, allowing us to develop international strategies and messaging that speaks to the nuances of each local market.

More Services

Social Insights


We help brands uncover social insights using a range of methodologies, laying the foundation for ideas worth talking about.

Cultural Intelligence


We use our knowledge of social behaviours to help brands participate in culture in a strategic, relevant and effective way.

Competitor Analysis


We conduct bespoke research to understand your competition, examine their activities, strengths and weaknesses to identify strategic opportunities.

Brand Planning


We help brands define their role in culture to cut through the noise and develop long-term affinity and advocacy.

Social Strategy


We help our clients to define a strategy that will add value, engaging with the right people on relevant channels.

Campaign Strategy


We segment your audiences and provide campaign strategies that will reach and engage them while achieving brand objectives.

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