We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #538

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You can now add your pronouns to your Instagram profile
With Instagram often hailed as an ideal location for self-expression, it’s surprising that up to this point, the ability to choose your pronouns hasn’t existed. Well the wait is now over, as Instagram will now allow users to select and display their preferred pronouns on their profiles. The tool is available in the ‘edit profile’ section of the app, and your pronoun will be displayed just under your display name. Whilst this may seem like a small addition to the platform, the tool marks an important step in pushing the conversation around preferred pronouns and identity, hopefully encouraging other channels to follow in Instagram’s footsteps. 

TikTok adds Green Screen Duet
Duets are one of TikTok’s main pulling factors, allowing users to produce co-created content, whilst another popular feature on the platform is creative effects. Put them together and ta-dah, you’ve got Green Screen Duet. That’s right, Green Screen Duet is a mashup of two TikTok favourites designed to inspire imaginative new formats for creativity and expression. To use the feature, you need to Duet the video you’d like to use as your Green Screen background and select Green Screen from the Duet layout options.

YouTube to pay $100 million to creators who use YouTube Shorts
Who wants to get their hands on a share of 100 million dollars? That’s the sum that YouTube plans to pay to creators who use its TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts, throughout the next year. With thousands of creators that could potentially get paid to post, the aim is to draw them into the new feature, creating a subsequent buzz around it. This is a tactic that has been used before by other platforms, including TikTok, who forked out $200 million for a creators fund in July 2020. To get involved, your videos need to be original, so no cheeky reposting from other platforms! Will a budget of $100 million be enough to entice the masses? We’ll find out soon enough.

Three screenshots showing the interface of YouTube Shorts in beta. One shows a video, another shows a carousel of videos on the YouTube app’s main screen, and the third shows a grid of videos using the same sound.

Audio social is coming to Discord
Can you be a social platform in 2021 and not be hopping on the audio social wave? It appears not, and Discord are the latest to announce their Clubhouse-competitor, Stage Channels. Coming in June, the addition to the app will include a feature named ‘Stage Discovery,’ that’ll let you see a feed of public Stage Channels that you may be interested in. You can listen to audio straight from the feed, and if you want, then take the plunge and join the room, becoming a part of that audience. Discord is also working on ticketed Stage Channels, meaning hosts will be able to charge for access to their conversations.

TikTok rolls out new safety center
Are you an anxious parent troubled by the thoughts of what your teen gets up to on TikTok? Well your anxiety may be eased with the platform’s new safety center that offers resources and advice on how to ensure your child’s security on the app. The center includes a Guardian’s Guide; a single destination where parents can learn how to get started on TikTok and get an overview of the safety and privacy tools on offer. Other resources include bullying education and prevention resources, as well as education on digital wellbeing and media literacy. Happy reading!

YouTube hosts first ever #BeautyFest
Beauty is big business, and YouTube hopped on the bandwagon with its first ever #BeautyFest event last Friday. The platform has seen plenty of tips and tutorials over the years, but #BeautyFest went beyond your average eyeliner advice, bringing together beauty creators, industry professionals and public features to speak about today’s hottest trends. Gwyneth Paltrow, Addison Rae and Selena Gomez all made appearances, with special discounts being offered from a range of beauty brands throughout. #Flawless.

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Ones to watch
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