Effective brand-building strategies for social-first marketing

Thought Leadership
Our Head of Strategy for Singapore, Gaetano Squillante recently wrote this piece for WARC, introducing a new framework for creating great social campaigns with brand building at their heart. A summary of which can be found below.

The pandemic saw social network audiences increase globally by nearly half a billion in 2020, with significant growth across APAC. With people cut off from their normal lives in almost every way, social media has been transformed – from being a fun distraction to something we rely on for connecting with others, expressing ourselves, and fighting injustice. For marketers, this trend clearly signifies that it’s a channel brands can no longer ignore.

Marketing strategies are increasingly leveraging social media for brand-building initiatives, and it’s widely accepted that creating an emotional connection is crucial when it comes to long-term brand building. Today, brands are looking more and more at building cultural capital to do so, and that is the focus of this paper.

The good news is that leveraging social media for brand building purposes doesn’t mean marketers have to acquire a whole new skill set. What marketers know about brand-building applies as much to social as it does to a television campaign or print ad.

Here at We Are Social, we have developed a framework that helps guide brands on how to leverage culture in building their brand across social media. Find out more in WARC.