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Lore Oxford
Today we launched The Feed, an editorially-led Instagram publication tracking digital culture and trends on a global scale. Follow here, and read on to find out more.

When people think about digital culture, viral fame is often the first thing to come to mind: jumping on the latest album drop from Drake, or getting in some good Tweets. But making an impact online is about so much more than landing a punchline.

Digital culture is about more than hijacking memes

We Are Social is a socially-led creative agency. We help our clients build modern brands by maximising their cultural impact. And our specialism uniquely qualifies us to do this, because in 2021, culture moves at the speed of social.

Think about it. When AOC hosted her first Instagram Live Q&A, she set a new standard for the way people expect to engage with people in power via social. When Travis Scott performed his record-breaking show in Fortnite to more than 12 million people, he was laying the groundwork for a whole new genre of music fandom in the metaverse.

So many one-off digital events that have seemed alienating or niche at their conception have transpired to be early warning signals for important shifts in contemporary culture that have far-reaching implications for brands. Which begs the question: how do you keep on top of it all?

AOC set a new standard for the way people engage with people in power online

Introducing The Feed, a cultural insights publication from We Are Social’s global network.

Our culture-first thinking defines our approach to creativity. By distilling and applying Cultural Insights to supercharge our process, we generate communications that connect brands to audiences’ real lives with meaning, purpose and integrity.

This is why we’ve been investing in our research division that specialises in Cultural Insights. We boast a team of more than 50 cultural analysts and strategists globally who speak more than 15 languages: a team whose knowledge and expertise is supplemented by a network of more than 900+ social specialists.

On The Feed, we’re sharing our insights with the marketing community. It’ll get readers on the inside track of emergent digital culture as it’s happening, and translate it into actionable insights and opportunities they can apply to their own workstreams.

What you can expect
Every day, we post about a person, moment or conversation from the digital landscape that highlights a bigger shift in society and culture. Each post includes:
🔎 An explanation of what’s happening
🧠 An insight into the wider cultural or behavioural shift this artefact is a part of
📈 A data point to validate the potential of this shift
💡 An opportunity for brands across industries

What do we cover?
We cover artefacts of digital culture from across the world, enabling us to track culture on a global scale without compromising on local nuance. In particular, we focus on:

🌍 Brands
📱 Platforms
❤️ Communities
🗯️ Creators
🔥 Memes
🗞️ Trending conversations
🔮 Aesthetics

To learn more about how we can maximise your brand’s impact with Cultural Insights, get in touch.

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