We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #567

Snap launches Story Studio
Editing is getting a glow up on Snapchat, with the launch of Story Studio, a standalone video editing app aimed at giving creators more precise editing control. Creators will also be allowed to add elements like text, trending audio, and AR lenses to their vertical videos. Snap says that the feature has been ‘built alongside creators’, ideal for those using the platform’s TikTok equivalent, Spotlight. Since the launch of Spotlight last November, the company has paid out more than $250 million to 12,000 creators. Now that’s a lot of lolly.

You can now preview voice messages on WhatsApp
Got a bad case of word vomit? We’ve all sent the occasional rambling voice message but now WhatsApp users can listen back to their musings before hitting the send button. The option to preview a voice message appears after you press the stop button to finish a recording. This isn’t the first addition to come to voice messaging on the app, with the ability to adjust the playback speed of voice notes during listening unveiled earlier this year.

TikTok takes a new approach to its ‘For You’ page
TikTok’s ‘For You’ page (FYP) is having a little rejig, with the platform changing the pages algorithm to prevent users from seeing videos that could be harmful when viewed in clusters. This is content related to topics such as extreme dieting, sadness, break-ups, etc. The platform said the current algorithm “doesn’t fit with the diverse discovery experience we aim to create”, with new changes expected to be implemented over the coming months. The app also unveiled new camera and editing features, including an update to its popular Green Screen effect, which will now support GIFs.

Instagram rolls out ‘Profile Embed’
Instagram is branching out, allowing users to embed a miniature version of their profile into a website, blog or portfolio. Currently only available in the US, the feature allows users to showcase their Instagram content in a location other than the app. The platform has also unveiled a new feature that allows users to prevent others from embedding their images. This comes following several complaints from the American Society of Media Photography, who claim there is a rampant problem of third parties using the embedding feature to bypass copyright protections.

TikTok launches TikTok Kitchens
There’s been some pretty delicious dishes cooked up on TikTok, and now users can get a taste of some of the viral content on the platform. The app is partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) to launch TikTok kitchens, a delivery service that will cook up some of the most popular recipes on the app, such as feta pasta or corn ribs. TikTok and VDC plan on opening around 300 locations across the US to begin with, operating out of existing restaurants, with plans to expand to 1000 restaurants by the end of 2022. Bon Appetit!