We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #569


iOS and Android users can now record Twitter Spaces
Recording Twitter Spaces has now been enabled for both iOS and Android users. When setting up a Space, you’ll be able to choose to record the conversation, with the recording then made available for public playback for 30 days after the Space has ended. If you’re in a Space, don’t fret, you’ll be notified when a Space is being recorded. This is a useful addition to Twitter’s Clubhouse equivalent, meaning an attendee doesn’t have to be present at the time of record in order to listen to the conversation.

LinkedIn to launch audio events
This time last year, Clubhouse was big news in the world of social, bringing audio to the forefront. Now, LinkedIn is getting ready to debut its own audio offering. As part of the channel’s new events platform, the feature will allow members ‘to actively participate in the conversation’. Users will be able to contribute to live conversations, join speakers ‘on stage’ as part of the discussion and make connections with others at an event, allowing networking after the event ends. This is the first out of many features that will be rolling out as part of LinkedIn’s events platform, so keep your eyes peeled.

Snapchat introduces four new messaging features
Messaging on Snapchat is getting some snazzy new features, including Chat Replies, new Bitmoji Reactions, emoji-powered Polls, and a revamped audio and video calling interface. Chat Replies allow users to respond to individual messages in an ongoing chat by holding down on a message and tapping Reply, allowing users to communicate with context. Emoji-powered polls are an interesting new way to conjure out the thoughts and feelings of your friends, while the new Bitmoji Reactions also help people share their emotions.

Twitch streamers can now give out free emotes
We all love a freebie, and now Twitch partners and affiliates will be able to give out up to five emotes to community members who follow them. In order to do so, they’ll have to upload new emotes, move them over from subscriber-only tiers or pick from a selection of default emotes created by Twitch. To be able to give out free emotes, a streamer will need to be eligible for instant emote uploads and not have any suspensions or black marks against their name.

YouTube’s highest-earning content creators unveiled
There’s a new rich kid topping the list of best-paid YouTubers. Jimmy Donaldson, better known to his fans as MrBeast, generated over 10 billion views in 2021, earning himself a cool £39m. He overtakes Ryan Kaji, a 10-year-old toy reviewer, who has come out on top the past two years. Other well-paid creators include Jake Paul, Minecraft player Nathan Graham and geek chat show hosts, Rhett and Link.

Global trends shaping marketing in 2022
It’s been yet another unforgettable 12 months in the world of marketing. Terms like NFTs, the metaverse and Web3 have become increasingly familiar to those working in agency land. The pandemic’s lasting effects have continued to impact how (and where) we work. While making predictions in today’s notoriously unpredictable landscape might feel like a fool’s errand, as per our annual tradition, we’ve given it our best shot in parts one and two of our global marketing trends blog.