Checking your Canadian content twice this holiday season

Thought Leadership

It’s December. Your gifts, your Spotify playlist, and your campaign plans may be wrapped, but it’s time to check your content twice to ensure it will meet consumers with the right tone and mood this season.

And while the pandemic isn’t at the forefront anymore, other, grinchier realities have set in for Canadian consumers – layoffs, value clashes, debt and algoirthmic anxiety to name a few.

Despite the uncertainty, holiday remains a time when people seek comfort and live their values. And there are many reasons to celebrate.

In this document, Research & Insight Director Devon Vipond explores key shifts surrounding traditions related to how young people are giving, eating/drinking and entertaining during the holiday period in Canada.  

These shifts include:

We unpack these forces and their content implications. 

You can read the entire document here👇