We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #677


Instagram’s test helps creators get feedback on their Reels 

Instagram is testing a new option for creators to receive feedback on their content before posting it publicly. Some users are now receiving prompts to send a preview of their in-progress Reels to their friends in the app to get their input. The prompt reads: “Send to friends to get their thoughts before you post it. No one can comment on or share your preview. A draft will also be saved that you can access anytime.”

Image credit: @haiimjose on Threads

If the Reel goes down well with friends, the creator can then share the content publicly. And, if they don’t seem to like it, they can be saved from public embarrassment and pretend it never existed!

LinkedIn adds more AI tools and a premium ad spot

LinkedIn is launching a new sponsorship program called “The Wire” for brands to run in-stream video ads alongside publisher content. Brands will be able to choose specific pre-roll placements with respected publishers such as Bloomberg, Forbes, NBCUniversal, and The Wall Street Journal.

Image credit: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also adding more AI capabilities to its ad tools with new elements for its “Accelerate” ad option. Powered by Microsoft Designer, users can use generative AI in the Accelerate composer to create campaigns. Users can describe what they would like to see or upload an image, and the Designer will give multiple options with image and text overlays and further customisation options. 

TikTok tests message streaks 

TikTok is testing streaks on messages in limited markets and with select users. Users will receive a streak badge, in the form of a flame emoji, when they have DM’d someone for more than three days in a row. A streak will end when neither person sends a message within 24 hours of the last message. TikTok will also give users a nudge when their streak is about to end. If you would rather opt out of this you can turn the feature off through the app’s Privacy settings. 

Instagram tests virtual pets on Stories 

The Pals feature, which was spotted on Instagram a few weeks ago, has been revealed as a digital character that can be added to Stories. In the update shared by Alessandro Paluzzi, the Pals sticker will work as a virtual pet and the more likes that your Stories receive, the more the pet will grow. Although it is not clear exactly how the feature will work, the text on the image suggests the viewers will also be able to ‘play’ with the character. 

Image credit: @alex193a on X

Threads could be changing hashtags on the app 

Instagram chief, Adam Mosseri, has said time and time again that hashtags do not increase reach. Instead, he advises that hashtags should be used to align posts with different topics and communities. However, this may not be the case over on Threads. Threads has been spotted testing a new feature to boost hashtag use through reminders in the post composer.

Image credit: @alex193a on Threads

Threads does not currently use the actual “#” symbol and instead uses ‘tags’. With the platform currently limiting the number of tags that can be added to a post to avoid spamming, this change could indicate a shift in Threads’ stance on hashtagging.

YouTube adds new AI tools for creators

YouTube has revamped its “Research” tab in YouTube Studio to now give creators recommendations for new video ideas. The “Research” tab has been renamed the “Inspiration” tab and now includes lists of trends and “Breakout” video clips that highlight videos from similar channels that have performed well.

Image credit: YouTube

There is also a new A.I. tips feature which will allow creators to enter a topic into the search bar and YouTube’s A.I. system will produce ideas based on what viewers are likely to be interested in. The new inspiration tab is available to creators globally, with the expectation of creators in the E.U., the U.K., Switzerland and India.

Instagram updates features for Broadcast Channels

Instagram has released multiple updates for its Broadcast Channels. Creators can now run IG Lives for broadcast channel members only. Channel owners can start a live stream directly within the channel with only members being able to watch and engage with them. Instagram is also adding custom themes for channels, the ability to choose which emojis can be used as reactions, and QR codes to direct users back to the creator’s channel. 

Image credit: Instagram

Threads adds customisable For You feeds

After launching its new customisable desktop last week, Threads is now making it easier for users to signal which kind of posts they want to see on the platform. Users can swipe right on a post to like it or swipe left to signal they are not interested. Threads will then show more posts similar to the ones swiped right on, and fewer of those swiped left on.

Image Credits: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto / Getty Images

In other news

Meta rolls out Communities on Messenger. Meta expands Meta Verified for WhatsApp Business to new markets. X adds a filter to search by Verified Accounts only. Meta adds new AI-powered features to the WhatsApp Business app. Instagram is testing cross-posting Stories to WhatsApp. Snap shares the effectiveness of AR for brand campaigns. ​Instagram clarifies advice on CTAs and Reels.