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Acer ConceptD Creativity Decoded case study

The Brief

ConceptD is a series of devices built with precision and heavy performance in mind, allowing creatives to reach new heights in their work. As a completely new brand, ConceptD was facing a big challenge, standing out among well-established competitors that have already earned their reputation in the creative community. The brand’s first-ever international campaign needed to speak to its target audience in a truly remarkable and unique way.


Through carefully studying ConceptD’s main competitors and their social presence, we quickly identified reoccurring themes which we wanted to avoid to be able to stand out. As our target audience focuses on product functionality, we wanted to empower and inspire creatives. ConceptD is for doers, creators – anything but generic.


Following the brand’s slogan of “Let Creators be Creators”, we engaged several acclaimed artists, designers and studios to work together on one of their dream passion projects, using ConceptD computers to bring their ideas to life.

The video series peeled apart the final projects, layer by layer, in order to reveal the process that went into them. In additional Behind the Scenes episodes, each creator discussed their creative process and the role that technology plays in their creation process.

The videos were hosted on a central campaign hub on the official ConceptD website, and amplified across a number of social media channels in a variety of formats – from bite-sized mobile-friendly shorts to dynamic display ads – to grant maximum reach among creatives of all types.



Over 1.5 million clicks from those who wished to learn more about the campaign and the products.

Engaging the creative community

The global community of creatives had immense interest in the campaign, generating over 30 million video views across all platforms.

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