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Barilla The Rooftop Match case study

The Brief

After Covid-19 lockdown lifted, the need for connection was stronger than ever. But the rules had changed. Barilla wanted to promote a new definition of togetherness, leveraging their brand ambassador, Roger Federer.


By monitoring the conversations of the Barilla community and the Tennis world, we uncovered the story of Carola and Vittoria, two Italian girls playing tennis from their rooftops during Covid lockdown. Their story went viral and became a universal symbol of resilience. Their passion deserved to be rewarded.


After the lockdown was lifted in Italy, Barilla took Roger Federer to Finale Ligure to surprise Carola and Vittoria. By making Roger play with them on the rooftops and later sharing lunch, Barilla told the story of a ‘New Togetherness’ that became an internet sensation worldwide, bringing to life their ‘Barilla brings people together’ proposition’ and reaching everyone’s heart.



The campaign drove +86% brand sentiment.

Reaching half of the world’s population

The branded content reached 3.6 billion people.

Smashing all KPIs

The 4-minute video was viewed 35 million times, and watched for an astonishing 1.8 million hours on YouTube; generating almost 140 thousand social interactions.

Earning media and conversation

The campaign was mentioned on 240 media outlets around the world, and generated 40 thousand organic conversations.


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Daily Mail, 4 Aug 2020

Roger Federer joins Italy’s rooftop tennis stars to exchange a few volleys after the girls earned international fame with 12 MILLION Twitter views with their lockdown match video

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