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The Brief

TikTok wanted to dispel misconceptions around the app’s safety and strengthen safety perception. The platform aim was to build trust and confidence among its user base and the broader community.


People know they need to safeguard their personal information and data online, but often don’t know where to start.


To convince Australians that TikTok takes security seriously, we decided to address the concerns of TikTok’s biggest detractors, and prove what steps the platform had taken to ensure all users were #SaferTogether.

We teamed up with Aussie soccer teams the Socceroos and the Matildas, rolling out the TikTok welcome mat for their top players. They created TikTok content discussing all key safety features available on the app – from how to report inappropriate content to how to set privacy filters.

To make sure everyone heard about it, we ran ads in print, online, radio and OOH. We even took our message straight to the doorstep of power, placing billboards right near the Australian Parliament House, to ensure we reached policymakers.

Our campaign also celebrated how TikTok contributes to the Australian economy, featuring the success stories of small businesses using the app to connect with Australians of all ages.


Increased Trust

The campaign had a great impact, and TikTok saw a 12% growth in trust among its users.

Safety for everyone

The work generated an 8% increase in safety and privacy perceptions among users.

Changing minds

Usefulness, relevancy & perception of TikTok grew by 5%, generating an overall positive effect.

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