We Are Social’s Tuesday Tweak Up #51


Snapchat for web is available to all users
Snapchat for web used to be only for paying customers, but now the tool is available to all users. It’s good news for those of you who need to branch out of a mobile phone’s space restriction, as you’ll now be able to chat and video call with friends in a nice spacious web window. Snapchat for web was initially only rolled out to Snapchat Plus customers coughing up the cash for early access to exciting new features.

TikTok launches a BeReal clone called TikTok Now
If you haven’t heard of BeReal yet then you must have been living on a desert island, as the ‘authentic’ social app has gained mass popularity over the past few months. TikTok has taken note of this buzz and launched its own version of the feature, named TikTok Now. TikTok Now invites you to capture what you’re doing in the moment using your device’s front and back camera- just like BeReal. Users will also receive a daily prompt to capture either a static photo or a 10-second video. The feature is currently available to all US users and available to users worldwide as a standalone app.

‘Community Chats’ are coming to Messenger and Facebook groups
Finding it difficult to keep track of your fast-moving chats? Well, fear not, as Meta is welcoming ‘Community Chats’ to Messenger and Facebook Groups. The feature is similar to a tool seen on Discord, allowing large Messenger groups to organise chats into categories. This includes audio and video channels, admin-only chats for announcements, and event chats. Community Chats can be started from both Messenger and Facebook Groups. The feature will start testing now and expand to groups in the coming weeks.

Alt text reminders roll out to all on Twitter
Your Twitter feed is about to become a whole lot more accessible thanks to alt text reminders. The feature has been available to a small group of people since July, but not all users globally will be able to turn on their reminders. The feature prompts users to add alternative text to their images, to help those who are blind or visually impaired understand the context of a picture. However, alt-text reminders are opt-in, so be sure to switch them on to aid in making Twitter a more accessible social space.

Twitter shareholders approve $44bn Musk deal
We haven’t heard much on the Twitter-Musk drama as of late, but don’t worry, the feud is still bubbling away in the background. Twitter’s shareholders have voted to approve the $44bn deal, meaning the company will now try to force Musk to buy the company in the courts. The court meeting is due to take place in October, in which the judge will decide whether Musk has to buy the company or not. Watch this space.