We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #610


Twitter’s paid blue tick relaunches
After a false start, Twitter’s paid-for verification feature is being rolled out once more. The initial launch saw the feature swamped by impersonators, resulting in the platform pressing the pause button on the tool. It still costs $8 a month but if you own an Apple device, you’ll have to shell out $3 extra as the channel is charging an increased fee of $11 for Apple users. This could be due to Apple’s commission fee on in-app purchases, a detail that Musk has previously expressed resentment over. To prevent impersonators, subscribers who change their names or display photos will lose their blue tick until the account has been reviewed by Twitter.

Roblox lets users aged 13+ import contacts
Want to find your friend on Roblox? The platform is making it much easier to connect with those you know by introducing a contact importer. This means those aged 13+ can easily see if their mates are also using Roblox. There’s also a new friend recommendation feature, providing a list of people that you may want to add. These recommendations aren’t totally random, however, with suggested mates highly likely to be people that you socialise with already.

Instagram introduces new transparency tools
Is your engagement on Instagram dwindling? You may be violating some of the platform’s Recommendations Guidelines. So how can you check? You’ll now be able to see whether your posts are being recommended in the app, appearing in places like Explore, Reels and Feed Recommendations. You’ll be able to see whether your posts violate Instagram’s Recommendations Guidelines, allowing you to switch up your content accordingly. Instagram says the goal of these new updates is to help users understand issues with their accounts.

WhatsApp rolls out 3D avatars
We all love an avatar, and now the 3D figures are coming to WhatsApp. These can be used as profile photos or custom stickers, giving a bit of personalisation to your messages. Users can choose from one of 36 custom stickers reflecting different emotions and actions. The look and feel isn’t dissimilar to Bitmoji on Snapchat, with the avatars a perfect fun addition to the messaging app.

Ones to watch
Snapchat is testing Lenses with upgrades you can purchase.