Future of Influence

Influencers play a significant role in today’s cultural landscape, thanks to their ability to captivate and engage vast audiences. They are potent allies for brands seeking to embed themselves in popular culture. 

But the dynamics keep changing. Brands need to understand the shifts happening in creators’ worlds now in order to prepare for the future.  

Trends shaping the future of influence

Collective Influence

Influencers are forming collectives, such as Hype Houses, Metalabels, or media groups, to distribute the creative workload. These collectives foster economic, emotional, and creative synergy among collaborators.

Humans Only > Human Extended

Influencers are harnessing new technology, creating alternative revenue streams and extending their influence beyond the typical means of human life into different elements of the Web 3.0 world.

New Patronage

In today’s saturated and competitive environment, influencers are reconsidering revenue streams and finding new ways to profit on their own terms. Creators are pivoting away from paid endorsements and embracing creative autonomy by launching their own brands.

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