adidas ‘Miss Nothing’

Retail adidas United Kingdom

The brief

Harness the power of football fandom to dial up brand and product awareness for adidas ahead of their Predator #missnothing campaign and boot drop.

Our Insight

In an era of fake news, Gen Z value accuracy more than ever. And on Transfer Deadline Day, misinformation is rife. It’s a day synonymous with rumour and counter-rumour as football fans see hyper accuracy as the ultimate social currency. We wanted to hack a pivotal 24 hours in the football calendar with an engaging play on the product insight – Predator boots give a player hyper-accuracy.

The idea

Rather than replicate every other brand trying to sell football boots, we activated content creators and influencers within the cultural moment of Transfer Deadline Day to carry the product message in a 24 hour thunderclap of community-led creative. Our ambition was to change the way boot launches are consumed by a social-first football audience by using influencers to share the clues that would capture their attention.

With the official boot launch happening the week after Transfer Deadline Day, we wanted to target this key date in the European football calendar to co-create a spider-web of bait dropping influencers to post and engage in each other’s posts to fan the flames of misinformation and get everyone talking about adidas Football and Predator #missnothing ahead of the boot drop. 


Innovative marketing

We created a new, innovative way to co-create with influencers and sell football boots, proving that boot drops no longer need to feel like social wallpaper, shifting brand perception for adidas.

Positive sentiment

Users called out our “brilliant marketing” as we “got influencers like leakedlineups involved” and activated “Fabrizio Romano at primetime on today of all days.” All resulting in #missnothing trending across European markets on social.

High and fast engagement

Our posts had 5.5M+ views in 24 hours, 150m+ impressions in 24 hours, 609,527 likes in 24 hours, and Fabrizio Romano’s post received 30k+ engagements in just 1 hour.


The Lovie Awards, 26 Sep 2023

Shortlisted in the Best Influencer Endorsement in Social category.