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The Brief

When adidas launched the Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1, they did so with one laser-focused ambition: to change the course of running history. We needed to unleash the Pro Evo 1 and adidas’ ‘lightest ever’ story with maximum impact. What this couldn’t be was just another shoe release leading up to just another marathon. It had to make a statement. 


2023 was the year of reality-bending content on social. Social users immersed themselves into a hyper-real world, questioning the reality of what they were seeing, fuelling conversations. Using hyper-reality as a consistent creative lens, our campaign blurred the line between reality and imagination to communicate the impossible lightness of the Pro Evo 1.


We created a series of social films that embraced this unreality, alongside a comprehensive suite of launch imagery. Each film plays on lightness and embeds an ‘impossible’ moment into seemingly real-world footage or uses innovative film-making techniques to show a shoe which seems not quite real. And we created a toolkit of reality defying films that spanned across tease phase, launch and reactive film that we dropped the moment Tigst Assefa made history at the Berlin marathon, setting a new world record in the Pro Evo 1’s.


Press Coverage

We received over 1,400 pieces of PR coverage, 500+ of which came after the world record moment

High and Fast Engagement

Our organic content reached over 640,000 accounts on Instagram and 12 million views after Tifist held the Pro Evo 1 aloft in celebration.


We used new and emerging AI technologies as film-making techniques in our launch film to further the unreality of the shoe.

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