Coi Leray + Trinity Rodman “Get Loud” Presented by Bose

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We needed to develop a social activation for the Women’s World Cup that connected Bose with young female music and sports enthusiasts, leveraging the brand’s influential partnership with Trinity Rodman. We aimed to create a campaign that not only ignited brand excitement but also cultivated cultural relevance through social-first initiatives, authentically celebrating the intersection of music and women’s soccer.



For our target audience, it wasn’t about tuning in or out; it was about turning up. We tapped into the spirit of a determined generation eager to showcase their identity to the world, with music acting as the defining soundtrack to their individuality. The message was clear: it was time to get loud and revel in celebrating who they truly are.

In collaboration with rising USWNT soccer star Trinity Rodman and music sensation Coi Leray, we crafted an unofficial World Cup anthem, “Get Loud,” and produced Coi Leray’s custom music video for the track featuring Trinity Rodman. The song called upon young women to turn up as they are, embracing fun, celebrating uniqueness, and radiating positivity – mirroring the authenticity embodied by Coi and Trinity.


The anthem marked just the beginning, serving as the catalyst for an even bigger campaign. We launched the official music video as the lead track on Coi Leray’s new album. To further amplify our message, we launched a social-first TikTok Branded Mission campaign, #GetLoudWithBose. Partnering with TikTok dance creators, we choreographed a dance featured in the music video, sparking a viral sensation on TikTok. Our efforts transcended a singular campaign–it became a call for individuals to turn up their vibe, intensity, style, and individuality, resonating powerfully with our target audience.



Combined views for the music video across Coi Leray and Bose channels.


Stronger engagement than benchmark + outperformed social viewership benchmarks by 11%.


Total TikTok branded mission activation video views + 406 mission submissions + 1,142 HTC video creations.