Etawalin ‘Kebaikan Sebaiknya Dibagikan’

Food & Drink Etawalin Indonesia


Despite the multitude of benefits of goat milk, the market category remains dominated by cow milk, leaving goat milk and specifically ETAWALIN largely unknown and underappreciated.


Ramadhan are highly anticipated festive moments filled with kindness and the spirit of sharing among Indonesian. Additionally, the tradition of hampers/gift-giving reaches its peak during Ramadhan and Eid window.


The unbiased fact is that “Goat Milk is a Good Milk,” and its positive effects have been experienced by people. Ramadhan, being a month of sharing and kindness, provided the perfect opportunity for ETAWALIN to offer a new and improved way of sharing—the goodness of goat milk—for a more enjoyable experience in life. Building on the brand idea, ETAWALIN crafted a heartwarming storytelling video commercial about sharing goodness/kindness.

Additionally, special ETAWALIN Ramadhan Hampers were developed as a tangible expression of it. The campaign was predominantly delivered through digital platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, with a clear call-to-action directing users to purchase the hampers from designated marketplaces.


2 Million Total Video Views accumulated from all platforms, making it the first Commercial Ads from the Brand that have reached this milestone.

256% Achievement from Impressions KPI.

60.000 Total Engagement accumulated from all platforms, with 99% Positive Sentiment for the Brand.

25.000++ Products Sold during 1 last week of Ramadan Window.

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