We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #598


Meta rolls out new Reels features on Instagram and Facebook
Reels fans, get ready! Meta is launching new Reels features for Instagram and Facebook, including an ‘Add Yours’ sticker. The sticker is already available for Instagram Stories, and has proved rather popular, hence the migration to Reels. Meta is also opening up Stars, the virtual items that allow fans to express their support for their favourite creators on Facebook Reels. There are also new Reels Remix features for Facebook Reels and new insights additions to Facebook’s Creator studio. And last but not least, you’ll now be able to cross-post Reels from Instagram to Facebook, allowing creators to build a fanbase on both platforms.

TikTok launches new ad solutions with smarter targeting
Advertising is getting a leg-up on TikTok, with the launch of a new commerce ad suite called ‘Shopping Ads’. The feature is being tested in three formats; Video Shopping Ads, Catalogue Listing Ads, and LIVE Shopping Ads. Video Shopping Ads allow advertisers to highlight one or more products in their in-feed video ads, amplifying product discovery and purchase intent. Catalogue Listing Ads allow advertisers to expand advertising reach beyond the For You Page, whilst LIVE Shopping Ads boost traffic to a brand’s event. The overall intention of all these features is to amplify product discovery and purchase intent, driving TikTokers to spend that dollar.

YouTube Shorts to start adding watermarks
Watermarks are a key feature on TikTok videos, meaning you instantly know on what platform the content was created. Now YouTube is making sure you’re aware of when a Short is a Short by rolling out its own watermarking feature. This means that when creators make a Short on the channel, they won’t be able to download their video and cross-post it to other apps without a YouTube watermark. Instagram Reels are still without watermarks, but with this latest move from YouTube, it’s a high possibility watermarks may work their way onto the gram in due course.

TikTok to teach influencers about US midterm election rules
Politics and platforms aren’t always the best mix, and TikTok is taking extra measures to ensure influencers understand that paid political ads are prohibited. For those not clued up on US politics, the midterm elections are due to take place in November. 2020’s hustings saw a fair amount of misinformation and policy violation on TikTok, so the platform is cracking down on a potential repeat of last year’s antics. Over the coming weeks, TikTok will publish educational content and host briefings with influencers and advertising agencies “so the rules of the road are abundantly clear when it comes to paid content around elections”. Kapiche?