We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #658


Instagram launches custom stickers

Instagram has just dropped a new feature allowing users to cut out elements from static image posts and repurpose them as stickers for Stories and Reels. This is very similar to the image cutout option that Meta also recently added to WhatsApp. 

Instagram’s system identifies the focus entity in the image, which can then be saved as a separate sticker. The original post will have had to have been posted publicly, and the user must have enabled permissions for other users to create cutouts from their content. Also, if you do create a cutout sticker from someone else’s posts, and then that user deletes the original, you’ll also lose your sticker.

TikTok is experimenting with AI song feature

TikTok is testing a new “AI Song” feature that uses AI to create songs based on prompts that users enter. AI Song is still an experimental feature and is currently only available to a select number of users.

Users either enter their own or use ones provided by TikTok. Once entered, the app will start generating the song. Users can change the genre of the song, switching between “pop,” “EDM” and “Hiphop.”  TikTok notes that “there are rules that must be followed” when using AI Song to prevent harming, impersonating or exploiting others.  

Instagram introduces new ‘nighttime nudges’ for teens 

Instagram is introducing new nighttime nudges for teen accounts to limit their time on the app. The new nudges will appear when teens have spent more than 10 minutes on Instagram in places like Reels or DMs after 10pm.

The nighttime nudges will be shown automatically and can’t be turned off, which means teens can’t opt in or out of seeing them. Users do still have the option to simply dismiss the nudge and continue using the app.

X is rolling out audio and video calls to Android

X is rolling out the ability for Android users to make audio and video calls directly from the app. Any user can receive a call but only paid users can place a call. Users can enable or disable calling through Settings, with the same menu giving users the ability to control who can call them: people in their address book, people they follow, and verified users. 

LinkedIn is launching sponsored posts for company pages

LinkedIn is rolling out a new ad feature, with sponsored posts coming to all company page users. Company page admins will have the option to promote posts, which will include the ability to add a CTA button. LinkedIn is currently developing the option, and rolling it out to all users, with additional post amplification and CTA options set to be introduced  over time.

The creator economy is ready for a union 

Over the years, several leaders in the creator economy have floated the idea of a creators’ union. With the rise of TikTok and the boom in social media usage during the pandemic, more and more people are making a living on the internet. 

And, while projects such as creators.org, the Creators Guild of America and the SAG-AFTRA content creators membership have all been launched to attempt to support online creators, none of these have become popular enough to attract a big enough community of creators. In the meantime, creators are calling out to platforms to make changes to better support them.

Meta introduces creator management tools for agencies 

Meta have rolled out Creator Management Tools for agencies in Meta Business Suite. The tool allows you to connect with and manage creators’ accounts; connect creator page earnings to your payout account; and eliminates the need for credential sharing.

In other news

Instagram now tells you if you’ve gained new followers from a collaborative post. WhatsApp could offer another way to share files with people nearby. Google is making it easier to unsubscribe from emails. You Can Now Cancel In-Progress Stories Uploads on Instagram. YouTube will soon introduce A/B testing thumbnails. TikTok opens live streaming for those with under 1,000 followers.