Top Facebook Pages in Asia, July 2012


SocialBakers have published their latest edition of Top Facebook Pages around the world for July 2012. As of last month a new section –  Socially Devoted brands – were introduced in the infographics, which is based on the new industry benchmark that SocialBakers have recently launched. Socially Devoted brands are measured according to their response rates and ranked by the number of questions that were answered on their Facebook Pages.

Here’s a selection of infographics on some Asian countries – India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore:

India has added 2 million new Facebook users in just over a month, going strong as the nation with the third largest number of Facebook users after the US and Brazil.

Indonesia boasts in owning one of the most socially devoted brand worldwide, Acer Indonesia. The brand’s Facebook page has more than 1,400 questions answered making them the most responsive brand in its industry. The country, however, experienced a 2 million decrease in the total number of Facebook users over the last month. This could be due to the illegitimate accounts that Facebook is actively seeking to get rid off. Despite that loss, Indonesia is still the nation with the fourth largest number of Facebook users.

Thailand has seen a large increase in Facebook users of 900,000 over the last month.

Malaysia’s most engaging brand page Starbucks Malaysia is nearly twice as engaging as the second in order in terms of daily engagement rate.

Pakistan sees growth in Facebook users with 200,000 new users added to the site in over a month; slowly but surely the social network is becoming popular in the nation.

Vietnam is the fastest growing market in South East Asia having added a million new Facebook users in the last month.

Singapore’s FlyScoot is seeing impressive page engagement with at least three times more daily engagement than other brand pages in the nation.