Twitter retires Vine
Another one bites the dust. In a blog post last week by Vine, they have announced the closure of the service. No reason has been cited for the closure, but on Thursday Twitter announced it was cutting 9% of its workforce due to slow platform growth. Vine’s website will remain live, “you’ll be able to access and download your Vines” and users will be notified of further changes, if any.

Instagram v Snapchat – who wins with Millennials?
Instagram has often been compared to Snapchat after the roll out of Instagram Stories and we all know why. But how do users *actually* feel about Instagram and Snapchat? Adweek asked 511 Instagram and Snapchat users aged 13-34 and the survey returned some interesting results. Snapchat turned out to be the cooler app but most users seem to think Instagram is the one to stick around for longer. Have a look below for the stats.


Source: Adweek

Facebook tried and failed to buy Snow, the ‘Asian Snapchat’
Snow has long been billed as the “Snapchat of Asia” and with that, we can see why Facebook tried to make a purchase offer for them. Unfortunately, parent company Naver has turned Facebook down, believing that Snow can achieve success even without the help of the world’s biggest social network. If this is your first time hearing about Snow, they are popular predominantly in Asia and boasting 30 million app downloads since the release.