Gamefluencers: their Power & Potential

The playing field has changed. Is your brand still in the game?

In recent years, gamers have gone from basement-dwelling geeks to a new kind of primetime influencer known as gamefluencers—seeping into mainstream culture like music, fashion, and movies.

Their edge is in the closeness and engagement they share with their vast community of fans, who are really more like friends. So how can you tap into the power and potential of gamefluencers, and work with them effectively to level up your brand?

Join our passionate experts from Twitch and WARC along with Australian DJ, drag artist and entertainer Pablodragqueen, as we exchange both honest banter and game-changing insights, decoding the truths, tensions and triumphs around the gamefluencer—and all that they could bring to a partnership with your brand.

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