To all of our colleagues, clients, partners, members of the wider We Are Social community, and anyone who has read the reports in the last few days about the 2017 incident in our Milan office; I wanted to reassure you that I and all the leadership at We Are Social take this matter very seriously. 

I know that reading the reports that are circulating is a difficult experience. I want to make it clear that we will not tolerate any kind of offensive, sexist, or discriminatory behaviour at We Are Social. Our people should always feel safe and listened to, and like they belong. 

As agreed with our leadership in Italy, we have now appointed a highly reputable firm to undertake an independent, rigorous investigation to find out what happened in our Milan office. It will also examine the culture in that office today. We will not hesitate to act on its conclusions. 

I will personally keep you informed of future developments as soon as we have more to report.

Nathan McDonald, Co-Founder and Group CEO, We Are Social