Content, Context or Distribution?


It’s coming to the end of conference season in London, before the dark winter descends, budgets run thin and we all hunker down at our desks wincing when someone mentions how many weeks it is until Christmas (14). The balmy summer of 2013 and its endless supply of salty canapés and agencies presenta-pitching from podiums will seem like a distant memory.

Months before your office manager dusts off the office Christmas playlist, this year’s iStrategy London conference promises to answer what delivers greater ROI – content, context or distribution. Who wouldn’t want that filling up their stocking this December?

Will it be your brands shareable, likeable and socially hooky Content that secures you a Cannes Lion? Or will it be the Context in which your content is placed that will define you as spam or spectacular? Or will it be your brands Distribution muscle that moves the needle?

The answer for me is the marriage of the three and not one discipline being crowned as king. This likely conclusion will be arrived at by an enviable line up of speakers such as Simon Stokes former Director of Web & Community for EA Games (UK No.1 Social Brand in Top 100 2013). Other conference highlights for me will be watching twitter’s resident gingernut Oli Snoddy read out funny tweets and dodge IPO questions in under six seconds. However there will be no such fun at the crucial debate on “Why Social Media Analysis Is Mission-Critical for Marketers” with the IAB Social Media Councils’ Kristin Brewe.

You’re in luck, as there are still iStrategy London tickets available.