Think Forward 2022: Brave New Worlds digital launch


Think Forward 2022 is almost here.

To mark the release of our seventh annual trend report, you’re invited to join us for the digital launch on 1st December at 9am (GMT). Join Global Chief Strategy Officer, Mobbie Nazir, and Global Head of Cultural Insights, Lore Oxford, as they take a deep dive into the trends that are set to shape the digital landscape over the next 12 months.

In 2021, global populations have continued to reel amid Covid-19. We’re all desperate to move forward, but moving out of this liminal moment in human history is easier said than done.

This year has been about renegotiating the rules of life in line with this new reality. Blended working. The Great Resignation. Vaccine passports. The urban exodus.

The way our societies and economies function is undergoing rapid change, and it’s driving an evolution of our relationship with digital: a re-evaluation of which aspects of life can legitimately play out online, when we need a physical lived experience, and – increasingly – where the two might overlap.

You’ve heard about the metaverse, right?

What about web3? Or blockchain? Do you know what an NFT is? Do you want to? Do you need to? From the fringes of the internet, a wealth of new terms have become mainstays in the marketing press and mainstream media alike.

What unites all these buzzwords is a shared vision of a future in which digital connections, communities and creativity are attributed the same value as their offline counterparts. Here, power is redistributed into the hands of the users.

But as we enter into the next era of the internet, the future is still uncertain. Who will build these worlds, and the systems within them could lead us into utopia or dystopia.

Either way, it’s too late to go back. We’re stepping into Brave New Worlds.

To get a first glimpse into this year’s report and learn the brand implications behind the trends, sign up to the launch webinar here.