We Are Social: Tuesday Tune-Up #29


Nielsen Australian Online Consumer Report

Nielsen Online Consumer Report 2011-2012 shows continuation in the Australian digital and social revolution, with Facebook, mobile and tablets driving the most substantive change. Find following some of the highlight statistics:

Coca-Cola Australia losses community spirit

A social experiment left its followers bubbling up with insults, as Coca-Cola Australia invited its Facebook fans to “Add a word to the person above you to create a happy story!” With more than 700 responses, the fans engaged with a flurry of insults and obscenities, often about each other. Coca-Cola responded by deleting comments they deemed ‘inappropriate’.

Social media to take 19.5% of marketing budgets in the US

February’s findings from the CMO survey reveal that social media spending as a percentage of marketing budgets is set to increase from 7.4% to 10.8% over the next 12 months, with a predicted increase up to 19.5% over the next 5 years:

Are brands ignoring Facebook’s interactive potential?

Consulting firm A.T Kearney analysed conversations that took place on Facebook between 50 top brands and their fans. Findings saw that in 2010, 91% of the top 50 brands’ Facebook pages directed users to a one way communication page, and this figure increased in 2011 to 94%.

Additionally, 56% of those brands did not respond to a single customer comment on their Facebook page in 2011; the same percentage of non-responses as in 2010. In other words, a woefully large proportion of brands aren’t interacting as much as they could or should…

Privacy Management on Social Networks

The Pew Research Centre have found that social networking users are becoming more savvy and in control of actively managing their privacy, with 58% of users restricting access to their profiles. The findings, compared to data from 2009, reveal a 7% increase on both the deletion of friends and comments, and found that 37% of users actively remove their names from photos they are tagged in.

Television, commercials and Facebook engagement

Buddy Media has analysed a sample of 44 Super Bowl commercials and 34 associated Facebook Pages. Brands who integrated social media into their Super Bowl ads had the highest level of increased engagement, with a 61% higher growth rate than brands who chose not to reference their presence on Facebook.

Interestingly, fan growth for brands featuring celebrities in their ads was 2.6x higher than average:

Brands who interacted on Facebook about the Super Bowl during time of play, saw a 60% increase in their engagement levels. Similar findings occured with The Oscars, where updates sent shortly before or after the Academy Awards saw an increase in levels of interactions – 2 times higher than posts mentioning The Oscars at other times.

Facebook’s major updates last week

If you haven’t heard, last week Facebook released timeline for pages and a slew of other major changes. Robin Grant has outlined the top ten changes.

In other updates, Facebook questions now appear in users mobile newsfeeds and Product Manager Jeff Kanter has reveled that upcoming changes will allow page owners to assign different levels of privileges to admins. Kanter explained that pages will offer five levels of admin access, including ‘full access’, ‘publishing-only access’, and ‘insights access’.

Facebook’s Disaster Message Board

Facebook have been testing a feature in Japan called ‘The Disaster Message Board’. It allows users to notify others they or their friends are safe during or after a disaster, by clicking the ‘mark safe’ button. A ‘safe’ tag will be added to the users profile, letting friends and family know they are in no harm. Facebook have said the new feature, still in testing, will not be a permanent placement, but instead become visible when disasters or emergencies occur.

Promoted Tweets are now on mobile

Twitters most recent changes allow for mobile users to see Promoted Products as they do on Twitter.com, with promoted Tweets appearing in their timeline and promoted accounts listed in ‘Who to Follow’.

As user spend less time on Google+ the network rolls out new features

Comscore have revealed that, despite Google+ hitting 90million users last month, people are spending less and less time on the site. Down from 4.8 minutes in December and 5.1 minutes in November, American users have averaged a significantly lower 3.3 minutes on the site in January. Google+ continue to add new features – this week to hang outs, adding a range of ‘diverse’ special effects aimed at encouraging more users to use video chat.

Instagram hits 25 Million Users

According to Dirk Singer, Instagram has hit the 25 Million user mark, with 10 million fans joining the network since Christmas.

20 Million Gaga Followers

Not content with breaking records in the charts, Lady Gaga has become the first Twitter user to break the 20million followers mark. Racing ahead of the competition (Katy Perry is stuck on 15.7 million whilst Britney Spears is lagging behind with just 13.5 million), Gaga’s main threat is Justin Bieber – with 18 million followers. Gaga claims all Tweets are her own, which possibly heightens her appeal – take note Miss Spears.

Tesco Virtual Fitting Room

This week, We Are Social UK launched a  campaign for Tesco to promote their new virtual 3D fitting room. Emily Shamma, director of Tesco online clothing, said:

We Are Social has really got under the skin of how women discuss fashion online, and built a campaign that will encourage them to try out this new technology by integrating it into their existing social behaviour.

Pampers live webstream TV on Facebook

Pampers UK & Ireland brought their live ‘Sleep WebTV Show’ to their 90,000 Facebook fans, in what could be a Facebook first. The live show ran a question and answers session with specialist Wendy Dean, who instantly answered fans submitted queries on encouraging a baby’s good nights sleep.

Domino’s Pizza ‘Tweet for Treats’

Aiming to boost lunchtime trade, today saw Domino Pizza encouraging fans to Tweet them with the hash-tag #Letsdolunch. The incentive? Each Tweet received between 9am-11am saw 0.01p knocked off a Pepperoni Pizza, which consumers could then buy between midday and 3pm.

Brad Keselowski gains 100,000 followers in less than 2 hours

Want to gain 100,000 Twitter followers in less than two hours? Nascar Driver Brad Keselowski did so after fellow driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, crashed into a safety vehicle mid-race at Daytona 500. The collision caused a fire ball and the race was halted, giving Keselowski the perfect opportunity to share a Twitpic of the event, to his 85,000 followers. Two hours later, the driver had a following of 185,000, who he actively updated about the progress of the race. When the race resumed, it was Keselowski turn to take an unfortunate crash- but of course, he didn’t fail to keep his followers updated “Nothing we could do there…never saw the wreck till we were windshield deep. #DAYTONA500″