The power of search and social


Tom Smith, founder of Trendstream, the company behind the GlobalWebIndex, exclusively talks us through the implications of Google’s Search plus Your World and the concept of the ‘Googopoly’.

With the introduction of Google’s Search plus Your World, personalising your search results to include information from you and your friends, Google is driving the way we gather information, communicate socially and interact with brands online.

Our presentation, given at the International Search Summit in Munich, discusses the idea of what we’ve coined as the ‘Googopoly’, where Google has risen to control most of what we see and do online. Our deck also highlights some of the interesting findings from our 6 waves of research, including that each experience online is different and understanding this unique interaction is key to creating a winning campaign, that social media is continually increasing important, brand websites shouldn’t be neglected and rewarding customers who engage with your brand will foster lasting relationships.

In this new world, where search and social are two in the same, knowing what drives your target audience is more critical than ever. Understanding how you can leverage your audience to get the most out of all of your online marketing activities will be a key competitive advantage.