The Week According To The Internet #1


New thing! Every Friday we’ll be bringing you highlights from the past 7 days on the internet – a veritable Rofler’s Digest of lulz, thrills and cute animals.

Check back with us every Friday afternoon, and feel free to share links to shiny new things in the comments…

Without further adieu, here is The Week According To The Internet;

Documented: The most inspiring video of all time – slinky on a treadmill.

Memified: Gotye’s mega-hit, Somebody That I Used To Know.

Heroic: Corgis to the rescue

Booted: Dan Harmon fired from Community. He doesn’t know why either.

Epic: Dark Knight Rises TV spots

Malkoviched: Siri flirts with your favourite meta-actor in Apple’s new ad.

Stupid: Babysitter puts baby in a washing machine… then turns it on.

Inspired: The internet has produced some amazing ideas. Here are the best.

Adorbs: The noises baby sloths make.

Badass: Skydiver lands without parachute.

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