The Week According To The Internet #2


It’s Friday! It’s time for your weekly round up of the news that has been fuelling the internet this week, but firstly, a farewell – the zombie apocalypse is upon us!

Hopefully this list should keep you entertained while the dead walk the earth…

Zombie News #1: Man has 75% of his face gnawed off by naked guy

Zombie News #2: Other man cuts open stomach and throws intestines at police

Zombie News #3: Guy in Baltimore ate his roommate’s brain.

Addicted: How to tell if you spend too much time on Facebook

Rofled: Twitter feed for latest Seth Macfarlane creation Ted is filthy fun

Inked: 12-year old tattoo artist has been inking since she was 4

Muppets: Fraggle Rock movie is green for go.

Rocked: 80s music quiz is really hard

Mapped: New York City by birthplace of rap stars

Blown: Your mind after reading these theories about movies and tv shows

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