The Week According To The Internet #3


It’s Friday! There’s a long weekend ahead and everything’s coming up Milhouse.

Here are some shiny things to keep you entertained between cocktails…

Unchained: Jamie Foxx’s Django, in the first trailer for Tarantino’s latest film

Transformed: Dead cat is now a helicopter

Illustrated: Star Wars, again, but really really good this time

Boyled: Awkward teen pulls a Susan on America’s Got Talent and makes you cry

Ripped: Ten popular memes stolen by advertisers

Inspired: You after watching this video from Krispy Kreme – the rapper, not the donut

Unexplained: The weird screen caps on dating site profiles

Infographed: Pulp Fiction in chronological order

Mapped: The internet, circa 1988

Failed: The 5 worst marketing ideas ever

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