The Week According To The Internet #21



This week; spray on jeans, a classy prom invitation and a Mario Kart love song.

Take a look at what exploded on the Internet this week.

PRANKED: Pepsi and Jeff Gordon take someone for a ride.

ASKED OUT: Will you go to prom with me, Kate?

INTERPRETED: Selfless Portraits for strangers on Facebook.

IMPROVED: Preview for Star Trek Into Darkness remade with Lego

PARTY: If famous websites were people.

SNEAKY: This dog is a photobomb master.

PERFORMED: Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon and Mario Kart love.

PHOTOSHOPPED: Toddlers or adults?

TROLLED: American Eagle’s spray on jeans.

J-J-J-JULIA: What will her legacy be?

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