The Week According to the Internet #24


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This week; a baby covered in puppies, ‘Quidditching’ becomes a thing  and we learn how animals eat their food. 

Sneak a look at what’s buzzing this week.

SQUISHED: Nose-less celebrities are strangely delightful.

TEAMWORK: Japanese muggles make Quidditching happen.

EXASPERATED: Reasons this guy’s son is crying

AFTERNOON DELIGHT: Ron Burgundy visits the Thrift Shop.  

OWNED: Street performer dishes it out.

BACK IT UP: Best prom invitation ever

CAUGHT: Confession Bear gets serious on Reddit.

EDUCATIONAL: Want to see how animals eat their food?

IMPORTANT: Baby covered in puppies.

DOWNHILL: Life in your early twenties vs. your late twenties.

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