The Week According To The Internet #29



This week; Baz Luhrmann does his thing, take a look under the microscope and the most epic brand melt down ever. 

Thank god it’s Friday guys and thank god it’s time for another week according to the Internet.

BEAUTIFUL: Dove Real Beauty Mother’s Day Campaign

WONDERFILLED: Oreos’ new campaign wants to snap the cynicism out of your day.

ROCK ON: How to identify, unfriend Nickelback fans on Facebook.

SAY WHAT?: 42 people you won’t believe actually exist.

DISASTER: This is the most epic brand meltdown on Facebook ever.

CREEPY: Terrifying images from the microscope.

TRENDY: Abercrombie & Fitch gets a brand readjustment.

NIFTY: Could this be the look of iOs7?

TIRED: 38 signs you’ve been in advertising too long.

CINEMATIC: The Great Gatsby Trailer 2013.

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