The Week According to the Internet #31


simpsons twatti

This week; a recipe for Marmite on toast, the ultimate guide to Game of Thrones and the best father/son rap collaboration ever. 

Have a look at what was popular this week on the interwebs.

WOO HOO: Simpsons theme park coming soon to Universal Studios, Orlando.

PUMPED: Karaoke at a gas station.

EXPLAINED: Breaking down the complex relationships in Game of Thrones.

NAILED IT: Will and Jaden Smith rap together on the Graham Norton Show.

FAREWELL: Stefon steals the show with his epic goodbye on SNL.

FINALLY: A recipe for Marmite on toast, courtesy of the BBC.

SAY WHAT: This is how you are supposed to play Monopoly?

BUNGLED: Singer forgets the words to the Star-Spangled Banner.

THROWBACK: This is probably what your childhood looked like.

DEAR DIARY: Sad cats document their torment.

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