The Week According to the Internet #32


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This week; meme paintings, what it’s really like to be a Google intern and the world reacts to the latest Game of Thrones episode. 

What we loved this week. Happy long weekend!

TAKE THE TEST:  How agency are you?

SHOCKED: The best tweets about this week’s Game of Thrones (spoiler alert!)

SWEDISH: How to pronounce the names of IKEA’s products.

SPOTTED: James Franco dating the Khaleesi?

HIGH GROUND: Little boy refuses to eat animals.

ACTUALLY: This is what it’s really like to intern at Google.

NO NO NO: Fans react to the Game of Thrones ‘Red Wedding’ (another spoiler alert!)

CONVINCING: 27 works of art you won’t believe are photographs.

STYLISH: Zoo portraits. For the modern day animal.

CLASSED UP: Famous memes get an artistic makeover.

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